Delivering Successful PMOs

Posted: September 18, 2015 at 10:43 am

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p3m global have great pleasure to announce the publication of Delivering Successful PMOs, the first book from CEO, Ray Mead.

The book explores, from proven practice and live application how to do the right things, in the right way, in the right order, with the right team and identify what makes a good PMO leader. 

Read below what Ray had to say about his book.

You may have seen by now that Peter Taylor and I have just released our new book (and my debut), Delivering Successful PMOs. This book was originally conceived as a counterpart to Peter’s previous book, Leading Successful PMOs (also published by Gower).

The difference is that Delivering offers a practical framework for designing and developing a PMO; a set of steps to follow based on our experiences, Peter’s in his varied career and mine from working with our clients at p3m global. The main message is that the PMO needs to demonstrate value and that this needs to be built into it from the outset.

Value needs to be reflected in its remit, its metrics, how it is sponsored and governed and how it conducts its day to day business. The central concept of 360 degree value discusses the importance of demonstrating value both to senior management and to the PM community it serves. If a PMO slips on either of these, sooner or later it will fail. 

Emphasis is also given to the need for the PMO to market its services throughout the organisation. By building a service catalogue, advertising its services and broadcasting its successes it is putting its customers at the heart of everything it does and will thrive as a result.

These are just some of the topics discussed in the book and I sincerely hope those who pick it up are able to take something practical away from it that they can implement in their PMO; even if it a small change in outlook or behaviour – it all helps.

Delivering Successful PMOs by Ray Mead & Peter Taylor is published by Gower and available from their website at or on Amazon from 28th September at

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