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Need to motivate your people and equip them with the right skills?

p3m pathways is a professional development model that provides organisations and their staff with a structure to the landscape of P3M careers. It is about giving people a current location, a destination, and the directions to make their future in projects, programmes and portfolios within your organisation.


Capabilities unlocked by p3m pathways include:

A more mature people process
A common benchmark
Identification of SMEs
Targeted training plans
Consistency in P3M approach across your organisation

Benefits realised by these capabilities unlocked on your p3m path development include:

Improved staff satisfaction, competency and retention
Increased staff portability, motivation and productivity
Greater organisational maturity, more competitive advantage and improved ROI on training expenditure



p3m global is an established and accredited training organisation with leading global organisations & vendors. Our team features experienced facilitators & project managers, so you can take advantage of the best and most practical education solution from experienced practitioners.


A successful Project Management Office (PMO) can underpin and empower the organisation as the source of realisation for the outcomes it needs to succeed. But no two PMOs are the same and, if implemented in the wrong way, they can be perceived as an unnecessary overhead.

p3m global can work with you to navigate the different shapes and sizes of PMO available and help you design and implement the best one for your business.

Talk to one of our consultants to find out more about our proprietary p3m vision™ approach to delivering successful PMOs and how we have implemented it at other organisations.

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Standish Group research reveals that projects are 30% more likely to be successful if conducted using a common approach.

p3m global can work with you to create a structured methodology, combining accredited, best-practice methods with the uniqueness of your organisation to develop and implement sustainable solutions that will enable you to consistently deliver your goals.

p3m global can then leverage our training expertise to ensure the methodology is thoroughly embedded into your organisation.

Coaching is working with an individual or team to identify and work on specific issues or development opportunities, to enable the full reach of their potential.


It can be used for a variety of situations, such as people needing to work on leadership skills, decision-making, staff relations, creativity, stress and time management, meeting control or sensitive issue handling. Mastery of these areas leads to a better-rounded and more effective individual or team.

p3m global coaches operate a three step approach to coaching: Observation, Consultation and Support. These can be combined with one of our p3m pulse competence assessments to set targets and then, for a fixed, agreed period the p3m global coach will spend regular sessions on the phone or in the workplace of the subject to oversee the implementation of a personal development plan and discuss any new queries or situations which have emerged.

These sessions will be as regular as the situation requires and ensure that the subject is given personal attention and expert support in achieving their goals.

We think of mentoring as ‘showing an individual how it’s done.’ Because of this, we often tie it in with our Extended Workforce or Turnkey Project Delivery offerings to provide ‘on-the-job’ training.

By using mentoring in this context p3m global can demonstrate a best-practice approach to managing projects on the very types of projects your people are managing. This kind of ‘leading by example’ has proven to be very effective for learning and development due to the relevance and practical application of the subject involved.

Used wisely; when backed up by solid governance and in the control of competent people; a good Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tool is a powerful enabler, allowing teams to collaborate and share information in real time across diverse and rapidly changing environments. It is the last, crucial piece in the jigsaw to true P3M maturity and should be seriously considered and managed in that context.


p3m global does not develop or market proprietary EPM tools but we can work with you to ensure that the right tool is selected and that it is properly configured, implemented and maintained at the right stage in the process.

If you are thinking of implementing an EPM tool, call us first.

Alongside our wide range of traditional classroom-based training, p3m global recognise the need and convenience of blended learning.

We have incorporated our clients’ own eLearning catalogues into their development plans or we have worked to develop bespoke eleanring solutions.

Call us to find out more


If you appreciate the need to invest in your people, processes and technology to measurably improve your change and delivery capabilities then we would love to hear from you.

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