Capability Assessment, Certification & Bespoke Training

10 November 2014
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Capability Assessment, Certification & Bespoke Training


WorldPay is a global leader in payment processing, operating in over 148 countries and processing over 200 payment types in more than 120 transaction currencies. In 2012, Worldpay engaged p3m global at a time of significant change, seeking to maximise the potential of their project management personnel via Capability Assessment and subsequent targeted training.

p3m global has a deep, first-hand appreciation for adopting Agile practices and incorporating those practices into a comprehensive delivery framework that is based on a traditional waterfall delivery method. This appreciation enabled p3m global to create and deliver a pair of bespoke Agile training courses designed to meet the needs of both the Development and BAU sides of the business.
Additionally, the findings of a P3M Pulse Capability Assessments, including 360 degree online and face-to-face assessments resulted in the targeted delivery of both PMP Certification Training and Project Management Fundamentals courses.
p3m global was instrumental in enabling WorldPay to realise the benefits of a massive £250 million transformation programme through unparalleled training & service delivery in an increasingly Agile environment.

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